Other Writings

Boukharian Shepherd

An excerpt from “Concealed.”

A Closet Full of Oscars

Staging a wily coup at the house of a legendary designer, her mother finally found fashion freedom.

Under the Covers

When Her Father Won’t Let Her Go to College

Iranian Taarof

I give you the best of what I have. I’ve saved it all for you—my welcomed guest.

Last Word: Breaking Away

In 1967, Barnard mailed me an acceptance letter. Tears washed my cheeks as I pirouetted across the living room.

Giving Voice

 To escape persecution and even death, my parents posed as Muslims while living in Mashhad, Iran, in the 1940s.

Podcast: A Persian-American Thanksgiving

How Thanksgiving became Holy for one Iranian Jewish Woman and her family.

Stories adapted for stage by Jewish Women’s Theatre:

“Barnard College”
“Persian Thanksgiving- Saffron Rice and Cranberry Sauce”—- both performed in the JWT show entitled:
Saffron and Rosewater

“Oscar de la Renta and Mom”—-performed in the JWT show entitled:
Unknown Stories Of Biblical Proportions

“Kicking High and Hard”—-performed in the JWT show entitled:

“Iranian Tar-rof”—performed in the JWT show entitled:
The Matzo Ball Diaries

“Am-ree-kah”——–performed in the JWT show entitled:
Crossing Our Red Sea